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Title:2D structured art datatype superclass
A drawing.datatype superclass for 2D structured artwork, and an IFF DR2D subclass.
  Update entry
Title:Release Candidate
Text:Well, this project has stretched out far longer than I intended and I need to apologise for the amount of time it has taken to get this far. It was put on the back burner for a number of years as it had reached a state of "good enough for me". However, "good enough for me" is not "good enough for a proper release" and definitely not "good enough for inclusion in OS4".

Over the last week or so I have tidied up the source, bugfixed the DR2D datatype and made some other minor changes. It is, at last, in a state where it reads and displays DR2D and SVG drawings correctly, allowing them to be quickly previewed in Multiview. This is exactly where I wanted to be, and if RC1 which I have just released shows no serious problems, I consider the first phase of this project complete.

There are many improvements which can be added. For example, the polygon and attributes list which drawing.datatype uses to reconstruct the picture, cannot be accessed by other software (you can view structured art, but would not be able to load it for further manipulation). There is no support for DTM_WRITE, so you can't save yet. There are many more subclasses which could be written, and more features that need to be supported.

But that's Phase 2. For now I'm only interested in fixing brokeness, and beyond that... who knows?
Created by:chris
Created at:20150118 15:00
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ID  Title  CommentsCreated atCreated by
38  Current status  0  20140403 00:30  chris
32  A second beta  0  20130811 14:30  chris
31  A second beta  0  20130811 14:29  chris
29  Finally... a beta  0  20121030 21:09  chris
28  Finally... a beta  0  20121030 21:09  chris
14  Skeleton code done  0  20100206 19:24  chris
13  Skeleton code done  0  20100206 19:24  chris
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