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Title:Extra version string system
Invent a way to embed an extra, non amiga version strings into programs and create a tool to extract it.
  Update entry
Title:Alpha 3 ready with a downloadable file
Text:I made some more progress today and as a result Alpha 3 is ready and available to download on [View Files] tab/link of this project ([View Project]).

Remember this is an Alpha version meaning it is not deeply tested and has a lot of things that doesn't work yet like all options and deep error checking.

But if a proper Extversion cookie has been place in a file like:
"�$EXTVER: programname version.revision (dd.mm.yyyy) comment�"
(with leading and trailing zero character, � is a zero character)

it will find it with this command from shell like:
1> extversion programname

and output:
programname version.revision (dd.mm.yyyy) comment

So what is left (except fixing bugs):
* implement some options
* more error checking
* tidy up the code (to meet some guidelines and make a few more code comments)
* finish the documentation
* possibly a simple installer
* etc etc.

Hint: You can test the extversion file on itself, it has the EXTVER tag, like:
1> extversion extversion

Created by:marko
Created at:20140512 04:29
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ID  Title  CommentsCreated atCreated by
54  ExtraVersion updated to 1.1.0b  0  20171211 18:43  marko
50  ExtraVersion 1.0b  0  20160226 07:26  marko
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