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chrisLanguage drivers20100725 15:03
Would Hyperion/OS4 devs be interested in this if I uploaded it to OpenAmiga.org?


The source is based on Detlef's in the SDK anyway.

It's always nice to see the OS officially support more languages :)
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orginRe: Language drivers20100725 15:49

I'll forward this and we'll see.
orginRe: Language drivers20100727 19:25

Read private PM
BelxjanderRe: Language drivers20110729 16:41

With your permission I would like to add some of my own work in this direction to the project as hosted on OpenAmiga.org


Added the jp106 Japanese Keymap first draft...
need to make a second jp106m Keymap as well.

as there are two styles of Japanese keyboard, with and without RCommand Key
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